Pitch To Asian Fashion Week

Pitch To Asian Fashion Week

We understand that it takes money to run a fashion show, between the venue, lights, staging… the cost is substantial. In order for Asian Fashion Week to continue to be successful, there needs to be some revenue coming in, and said revenue and exposure will encourage more people to step up as models, designers, advertisers…

To make the event even more unforgettable, we are creating a glossy program guide that will ensure the attendees have information on where to find the designs they loved from the runway. The models will also be featured along with their contact information. If you have a sponsor in mind, please let them know that they will also appear in the guide. The incentive to participate year after year will be without question.

This is where the power of social media comes in. We seek revenue from advertisers, but use the ads on Instagram and Facebook to promote Asian Fashion Week. You will see our proposal to advertisers outlined below. We encourage your suggestions and referrals to make this successful for everybody involved. Let’s make Asian Fashion Week the red-carpet event it deserves to be!

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